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Our products & partners

alpha connect capital focusses on a limited number of product partners with whom we are cooperating in the long run. When selecting such partners and strategies the following criteria are key:

  • Comprehensive and consistent investment approach
  • Capital preservation and low downside volatility are more important than high returns
  • Transparency and liquidity
  • Straight forward implementation of the investment strategy in non-complicated investment formats such as UCITS or Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) possible
  • Products are not competing with each other


Here is a brief overview of our major partners:

Logo: Blueglen

Blueglen Investment Partners is a London-based alternative investment advisor with a European credit focus. They utilise a fundamental research and value driven investment process to identify opportunities in European credit markets over a medium term investment horizon of approximately 5 years. The investment strategy is centered around harvesting excess returns from structured finance markets (ABS) and European credit markets (corporates, financials, credit derivatives) across their respective capital structures. The two founders have a combined 60+ years’ experience in fixed income markets, alternative investment management, trading and risk management.

Logo: Millburn

Millburn has managed proprietary and investor capital through systematic trading of futures since 1971. Millburn's core strength is its well funded Research and Development department. Millburn trades up to 120+ markets across its portfolios. Trading is 100% systematic and combines trend-following trading with short-term pattern recognition models, event-driven models, fundamental models, spread trading and intraday models.

Logo: Moma Advisors

Moma Advisors is an investment advisor located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The outstanding trackrecord in their Fixed Income Relative Value strategy goes back to 2003. In 2016 they added a second strategy and launched the Asgard Credit Fund. The foundation for the investment management at Moma Advisors is a firm belief that risk premiums exist in interest rate and credit markets, and that these can be identified and isolated. Through the combination of rigorous modelling and extensive market knowledge Moma has been able to deliver results that live up to their mission of delivering best in class, high risk adjusted and uncorrelated returns.

Logo: Sanlam

Sanlam was founded in 1918 in South Africa as a life insurance company. Today Sanlam is a globally diversified financial service provider with approximately 105.000 employees, USD 67 billion assets under management, USD13 billion market capitalisation and a AA+ rating by Fitch (31 Dec 2019).

Sanlam Investments UK is located in London and has longstanding expertise in the active management of equity, bond, mixed-asset and alternative investment strategies. Highlights are the Multi Strategy Fund, the Real Assets Fund as well as the Global High Quality fund which are all managed based on a fundamental bottom up investment approach. Aside from the aforementioned Sanlam offers a range of artificial intelligence (ai) driven strategies with 3-5 year track records, and which can be tailor made depending on the preferred risk/reward profile of the investor.