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Our services

We have an established network and access to both, investors and investment managers. We know the demands and goals of our clients and we aim to deliver added value for both sides.

For investors

In the current market environment it has become increasingly more demanding to fulfill return guarantees and targets. alpha connect capital aims to identify managers and strategies which are fully in line with the quantitative and qualitative criteria that institutional investors are demanding these days.

In this context capital preservation and continuity have become increasingly more important than just high returns.

We attempt to offer the investment strategies of the relevant managers in a format, which is easy to be handled by the investor. In the past such formats have predominantly been UCITS funds as well as ‘Spezialfonds’. Over and above choosing the right investment format we support our investors in regards to reporting requirements for example such as VAG Reporting and GroMIKV or solvability aspects.

alpha connect capital is about providing a seamless exchange and communication between the investor and the investment manager and such also beyond the point in time of the investment.

Our network enables us to support the investor in identifying and hooking up with the relevant managers when it comes to direct investments and secondary market transactions. We are happy to also assist in more opportunistically natured types of investments for example such as single investments in real estate, private equity or hedgefund portfolio transactions.

For asset managers

On an ongoing basis we work with only a selected few managers. This way we can in the long run assure that in our partnership with the managers the specifics of each strategy are sufficiently represented. We see ourselves as the extended client relationship and sales arm of the manager rather than just a placement agent. It is our aim in the sales process to use the resources and time of an investment manager most efficiently. We know the criteria for our investors and the peculiarities of the respective market place, especially when it comes to regulatory requirements. This simplifies the exchange of information and a constructive dialogue with investors and investment managers.

alpha connect capital has access to service providers such as European asset management companies (Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaften = KVGs) and we accompany managers in the process when it comes to choosing the right investment vehicle for a strategy compliant with German or European regulatory requirements. Such can be for example UCITS vehicles for a broader distribution or AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds) but also individual solutions for single investors such as ‘Spezialfonds’, Managed Accounts or Structured Notes.

We have many years of experience when it comes to dealing with institutional investors and absolute return strategies. We are covering clients from the sectors insurance, pension-funds, banks, savings and loans, corporates, family offices, the public sector as well as endowments and churches.

We focus regionally on investors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If wished, we can in cooperation with our distribution partners, also give access to additional countries and markets.